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The WAFreenet uses Ubiquiti Radios, These radios are Reasonably Priced and Provide us with use of the AirMAX Protocol, Allowing for QOS to be implemented very easily.

Ubiquiti is the only radio that will connect in to the network, No matter how good your Home Router is, It will not Connect Wirelessly to the Network, But you may be able to use it as a Ethernet Router and participate in Dynamic Routing

For most links Up to 15Kms the use of a PowerBeam 5 AC Gen2 (420) is Suitable.

With links up to 30Kms the use of an Powerbeam AC500 is suitable

For links over 30Kms The use of a Large antenna (AC620 Is recommended) This antenna needs a strong mounting point and is not suitable for mounting to existing un-guy-wired Television antenna poles. It is recommended that a Guy wired Mast of 30mm Minimum Width is used.

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